Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun is currently accepting applications for an AmeriCorps position with our organization. The following are summaries of the positions.  Click the ‘more details’ link to get full descriptions, requirements and information for each position.

AmeriCorps House Captain
Summary of Position
Nothing is more satisfying that seeing your work have an immediate and direct impact on the problem you’re trying to solve.  AmeriCorps House Captains measure their time with Rebuilding Together in the number of grab bars installed and injuries from falls prevented, weatherization projects completed and utility bills lowered, and wheelchairs ramps built and independence restored. They complete hands-on repairs as part of prep work or punchlist for a project day.  On project days, AmeriCorps House Captains lead volunteers from all backgrounds and skill levels to complete a variety of construction activities. Wherever possible, they teach and empower volunteers to learn new skills and safely implement them on the worksite. Get more details.