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$25 per individual and $500 for teams up to 20.

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What is Paint it Forward?
Paint it Forward is a one-day event that connects volunteers with low-income seniors, veterans and disabled individuals who need their home painted and are unable to do it themselves. This painting event relies on the financial support of community organizations and the time and effort contributed by many caring volunteers.

Where? And When?
Paint if Forward volunteers paint homes across the Valley. Whenever possible, volunteer groups will be given a choice of geographic areas to make the project as convenient as possible. Preparation on the homes may be done up to three weeks before the October 21st event day.

Who qualifies for home painting?
Homeowners of single family residences who are financially disadvantaged and physically unable to paint their homes are eligible…sorry, no attached townhouses/condominiums. Currently, the average cost to paint a home is $4,000 which is out of the question for our selected homeowners. Homes must be owner-occupied and in sufficient condition so that scraping, power-washing and spot priming are the only preparations needed. Any physically able adults living in the home are expected to help the volunteers.

Who can volunteer?
Almost anyone! Teams of volunteers are made up of families, businesses, churches, schools, social service and civic groups. RTVOS Staff work with team leaders to develop self-sufficient teams that will perform quality work while having fun and giving back. All volunteers must be at least 14 years old and those under 18 must have a signed parental permission form. Ideally, each team will have 15-25 volunteers. Individual volunteers are needed to help run the program, deliver extra supplies, take pictures, etc. and are encouraged to call the office and signup.

What happens at Paint it Forward?
Once homes have been identified, inspected, and qualified, a team of volunteers will be assigned to scrape and paint each house. This includes a team captain and up to 25 volunteers per house. Saturday, October 21st, is designated for painting and all houses are done on the same day. In most cases, volunteers visit the home during the two weeks prior to do any prep work such as scraping peeling paint, caulking, spot priming and trimming plants near the home. On Paint it Forward Saturday teams start at 7 AM and complete the home in a single day. If for any reason the home is not completely finished on the designated paint day, the team leader is responsible for organizing volunteers from his/her team to complete this project within 10 days.

How is financial support provided?
Corporations, small businesses, social service agencies, media, civic groups, and individuals all join in to provide financial, in-kind, and volunteer support for Paint it Forward. Home Sponsorships are available for $500 per team. Individuals and other groups can sign up for a donation of $25 per person.

RTVOS, though our paint recycling program, will supply all the exterior paint and the paint supply boxes. Event day t-shirts will be provided for each volunteer participant.

Why join Paint it Forward?
In many ways, a Paint-a-thon is like an old-fashioned barn raising. The spirit is still the same … neighbors helping neighbors, people working together to enhance their community. Through in-kind donations, team home sponsorships and volunteer support, the costs and administration needs are kept to a minimum. The end result is that the lives of homeowners, volunteers and supporters are enriched by this wonderful act of generosity, and the community’s appearance is vastly improved.

Where do I sign up?
Thank you for helping brighten up our communities! Please download application here or call us to get an application.

Any questions?
For questions or information, contact:
Rebuilding Together
1800 W Broadway Rd., Ste 4
Tempe, AZ 85282