For helping a less-fortunate neighbor, you deserve some credit, including an Arizona Tax Credit!

Have you heard the news?

You can DOUBLE your Arizona tax credit donation and still GET IT ALL BACK!
Arizona laws have recently changed to allow each married couple to give up to $800 ($400 for individuals) to a qualified charity like Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun.

And the best part? Your tax credit donation to Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun is totally separate from the school tax credit program, so you can take BOTH donations as direct tax credits.

Don’t wait until the end of the year! Donate now to claim your tax credit.

What does your Tax Credit Donation Do?

Let us tell you about Francine…
With a bounce in her steps and a sparkle in her eyes, 50-year-old Francine carries a daily burden that would bring most people to their knees – but she has only one regret. When her mother passed away several years ago, Francine moved back to her parents’ old, 1950’s-era home to become the primary caregiver for her disabled, 85-year-old father and wheelchair-bound brother even though it meant leaving her job and losing her income.

As a family, they face many challenges and meet them with grace and humor; however, the conditions and limitations of their old home – Francine’s one regret — is one challenge they can’t overcome.  The home is old, in sad disrepair and not wheelchair-friendly and they simply don’t have the money to fix it.  With only one, small, wheel-chair inaccessible bathroom, her 6’ tall brother cannot access the bathroom independently and Francine must lift and carry him each time. The tub prohibits access for bathing – the entire bathroom desperately needs remodeling to be ADA compliant.  A quick look around the home reveals other problems: the kitchen cabinets are cracked and loose, the stove has just two working burners, paint is peeling from walls, and although the A/C unit was replaced a few years ago, energy consumption is very high and several rooms are hot while other are cool. The windows are original to the house, single-pane glass and woefully inadequate when faced with the heat of an Arizona summer.

She called RTVOS desperate for help … And we helped.

How it works: Make a donation by check, credit card or cash no later than December 31.

  • Donate securely online.


Important Notes:
Donors who itemize on their federal tax return may be able to also write off their gift to Rebuilding Together as a charitable deduction.

Already giving a public and/or private school tax credit donation? You can give to schools AND Rebuilding Together and take full credit for all donations.

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